Christopher Walczak

    Christopher Walczak


    Christopher Walczak 是一位自學吉他手,自幼受到饒富創意的家族啟發,作曲已經成為生活的一部分。成年後,他正式進入學院學習音樂創作。Christopher 的作品包括獨奏、室內樂、大型管弦樂、室內管弦樂、電腦音樂、和互動式電子音樂。
    Christopher 目前擔任美國南伊利諾大學卡邦戴爾分校的理論作曲副教授。他擁有美國威斯康辛大學麥迪遜分校的音樂學士、碩士學位,以及萊斯大學音樂博士學位。他常受邀管弦樂團和室內樂團委託創作、演出和錄音,包括威斯康辛室內管弦樂、威斯康辛大學麥迪森分校交響樂團、威斯康辛大學密爾瓦基木管樂團、威斯康辛作曲家聯盟、Flutes Quatre、思潮新音樂樂團、Brightmusic、Ensemble Laboratorium、Relache 以及葛萊美獎得主 Eighth Blackbird。
    Christopher 喜歡探討作曲結構並將音樂理論作為衍生的作曲技巧,他對詮釋穿越於音樂存在的空間音樂也很感興趣。

    As a self-taught guitarist, provoked by a passionately creative family, composing music has been a part of everyday life for Christopher Walczak from his youth until the present. By early adulthood a path materialized: the serious study of composition within the halls of the academy. Christopher’s repertoire includes works for solo instruments, chamber ensembles of various sizes, full symphony as well as chamber orchestra, music for computer, and interactive electro-acoustic music.
    Christopher is currently Assistant Professor of Music Theory and Composition at Southern Illinois University Carbondale in the United States. He holds both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Music Composition from the University of Wisconsin - Madison and a doctorate from Rice University. His music has been commissioned, performed, and recorded by various orchestras and ensembles including the Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra, the University of Wisconsin - Madison Symphony Orchestra, the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee Wind Ensemble, the Wisconsin Alliance for Composers, Flutes Quatre, Zeitgeist New Music Ensemble, Brightmusic, Ensemble Laboratorium, Relache, and members of Grammy Award winning Eighth Blackbird.
    Christopher specializes in compositional systems and uses theories of music as generative compositional devices. He is interested interpreting pieces of music as travels through preexisting musical space.

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