• Date

      August 30, 2022

      7:30 pm

    • Venue/Address

      National Concert Hall ( No. 21-1, Zhongshan S. Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City 100012 , Taiwan (R.O.C.)

    • Tickets

      $ 300、400、500、800、1200(團體票20張以上9折)
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    Wang Chenwei: "Rama" Pipa Concerto
    Li Bochan: "Tribute to Chu" Double Huqin Concerto
    Lo Leungfai: "Love in Xiziwan" Violin Concerto
    Hao Weiya: "Autumn Evening by the Moonlit River" for Chinese Orchestra
    Pan Huanglong: "Soundscape of Kuroshio" for Chinese Orchestra
    Zhu Lin: "Dong Village" for Chinese Orchestra

    [ Legacy of Two Shores Concert Series] In the spirit of revealing the diversity of famous Chinese music masters on both sides of the Taiwan Strait, this program hopes to expand musical and stage experience for Taiwanese young performers, and to preserve and create a new chapter for Taiwanese traditional music.

    Conductor and director, Chen Chih-Sheng selected the following outstanding large-scale Chinese music works: "Soundscape of Kuroshio" by Pan Huanglong, a leading Taiwanese composer. This work describes Kuroshio (or Black current) in eastern Taiwan, is divided into three sections: 1st - "Kuroshio" is warm, boundless, its diversity and expansiveness is an ecological theater; the vast ocean gives way to the legend of migration; 2nd - "The coral" is colourful, competing for beauty; the sea and the land coexist and multiply; 3rd - "An ode to the ocean" is timeless. This work reflects passion for the ocean and love for the land of Taiwan.

    Mainland composer Zhu Lin described the customs of the Dong people in the southwest, using elements of dance to create "Dong Village."

    Mainland composer Hao Weiya created "Autumn Evening by the Moonlit River" in the traditional artistic Jiangnan style.

    Li Yijin, a former principal of the National Symphony Orchestra and currently an associate professor at the National Taipei University of the Arts, was invited to present the violin concerto "Love in Xiziwan" composed by Lo Leungfai, describing the beautiful scenery of Kaohsiung's Xiziwan and young love.

    Zhang Peiling, chief plucked string instrumentalist, performed the pipa concerto "Rama" by Singaporean composer Wang Chenwei. This work is based on the Indian epic two-thousand-year-old poem "Ramayana." This magnificent Sanskrit masterpiece has profound influence on the culture and performing arts of Southeast Asia. It is highly regarded and enjoyed in the world's literary circles.

    Two young orchestra principals, Shi Peiyu and Guo Jingci, will jointly perform the popular Double Huqin Concerto "Tribute to Chu" by mainland composer Li Bochan. Through the fierceness of the scenes - with the pain of 'Farewell My Concubine', the grandeur of 'Suicide by Wujiang', heroism and perseverance of the Chinese nation through the ages, as well as their unswerving love and faith is praised.

    Sponsor: Little Giant Chinese Chamber Orchestra
    Co-organizer: Tian-Ku Percussion Group
    Guiding unit: Ministry of Culture
    Sponsors: Cultural Bureau of Taipei City Government, National Foundation for Culture and Arts, Lin Chenying Clothing Co., Ltd., Jingtai Technology