Cecilia Heejeong Kim


    “Dr. Kim’s work delivers a high form of art” - Listener’s Magazine, New Zealand.
    “This concert, which plumbed depths and scaled heights, got to the heart.” - The Straits Times, Singapore.
    “The program is perfectly designed in the language of theatre – making it a pondering piece for the mind.”
    - Wsftfalifsche Nachrichten, Germany
    Recognized by the Asia Society in the U.S. as one of the “Asia 21 Young Leaders Initiative,” Dr. Cecilia Heejeong Kim is one of Korea's most innovative composers, stage directors, and production artists. Dr. Kim’s cross-genre music and mixed-media theater work has been performed in over 20 countries, including Switzerland, Hungary, New Zealand, Germany, China, Hong Kong, and Paraguay. Her work was also aired on WNYC in New York, BBC, CBS in Canada, and CCTV in China. In particular, her solo program with Singapore Chinese Orchestra in 2016 was received highly and praised as “exotic, spiritual, vigorous Korean music” by the well-renowned Straits Times.

    While serving as the chief director of the prestigious Asia Culture Center, Kim produced over 80 projects. Dr. Kim has received Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania. She is a professor at the College of Culture and Arts at Sangmyung University and is invited to lecture at Havard in 2024 with a KimKu professorship.


    • 作曲家