Myeong Seo Jang


    Ms. Myeong Seo Jang is an official successor of JungGa(正歌), designated as a National Intangible Cultural Heritage of Korea. JungGa(正歌) means ‘right song’ in Chinese characters. It is a form of vocal music historically played in court music and the aristocratic classes.
    Ms. Jang has received many awards, including the Grand Prix from the 19th National JungGa Competition, awarded by the Prime Minister, and the 1st Prize Award from the prestigious Donga Music Competition & (27th & 31st) of Korea. Aside from her traditional performances, she frequently appears in major TV programs such as (MBC) and (Gugak TV.)
    Recently she appeared as a featured singer for K-pop singer Jae Bum Lim’s album and has been touring with him.


    • 演奏者