Yun Sang Choi 崔允相


    Mr. Choi is a Korean traditional percussionist, band vocalist, and music and art director for various festivals. He was an art director for the opening and closing ceremony of the Junju International Film Festival(2017), K-Pop Expo in Asia(2014), 2016 K-Pop Expo in China(2016). As a theater music director, he participated in the ‘Golden Helmet’ production at Tanze Hous Germany and ‘Hill Woman on the Tree’ invited to Singapore Art Festival. Mr. Choi also worked as a drama-music director such as KBS’s ‘Immortal General’

    Mr. Choi’s overseas appearance includes Commemorating Concert of the 40th Anniversary of Korea-Kuwait Diplomatic Relations(2019), the Korea-Japan Festival in Tokyo(2017), and Brazil Rio de Janeiro Olympic(2016). Currently, he is the president of the K-Indemusic Association of Korea.


    • 演奏者