Programme Notes

    原本埋藏於冰雪下的各種物體和驚奇,在融化時被顯露出來,Antti Auvinen 的音樂中也經常出現這種驚喜和強烈反差的元素。本作品使用電腦及取樣軟體以處理和操縱來自1904-1905於巴黎的舊錄音。舊錄音的編輯處理音樣與舞台上的演奏家-過去與現在的相遇-形成了一個既有趣又美麗的音樂結構。

    Auvinen says his inspiration for the Melt Elegy comes from the spring and the frozen lakes in country side in Finland. During the spring the days get warmer and the sun starts to melt down the snow on the ground and also the ice cover of the lakes. Sometimes the ice cracks and moves slightly while melting and it makes absolutely fascinating sounds and noises. The sounds are sometimes incredibly loud and sometimes almost inaudibly quiet. At the early stage of melting one can walk on the ice and at the same time hear the frozen lake’s distant cry and howl with incredibly rich echoes. There is a feeling of danger of breaking the ice present while walking on the ice during the spring. But it is never the less a kind of tempting and strange music which comes alive because of increasing temperature. This strange frozen nature music has a quality of sorrow in it but also it is full with joyful memories of the beautiful ice crystals fading (melting) away.

    The process of melting can also reveal various objects and surprises which are hidden under the snow or ice. In the music of Antti Auvinen the elements of surprise and strong contrasts are often present. In recent Melt Elegy Auvinen uses a computer and a sampler software in order to process and manipulate old recording from Paris 1904-1905. The manipulated samples of the old recordings form together with the LGCCO musicians a vey interesting and beautiful musical texture where the past meets the present.