Cecilia Heejeong Kim: “Madam Suro” for Janggo Ensemble and Chinese Orchestra

    Programme Notes

    Madam Su-Ro is a drum concerto composed for the unique combinations of Korean traditional percussions, including Janggo, electronic Janggo called Super Janggo, and Chinese orchestra. Madam Su-Ro(水路婦人) is a female character in a Korean folk tale who is kidnapped by the sea dragon on the top of a cliff. The main part of the story is that King So-Ro, her husband, calls the people and orders everyone to beat the rocks rhythmically to rescue her wife. This concerto is a symphonic poem consisting of 6 parts performed in succession:
    Procession of Madam SuRo
    IAbduction of Madam SuRo
    Lamenting for the Return of Madam Suro
    Dance of the Earth
    Ritual of the Prayers
    Echo of Madam SuRo
    The primary thematic materials are derived from the verbal rhythms of the traditional poem. In using Super Janggo, female and male voices are heard from the drum pads – this electronic reproduction of the singers will surely enhance the theatrical effects of the whole piece.
    Madam SuRo was commissioned and world-premiered by Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra in 2004. This is the second Taiwanese performance with LGCCO.