Programme Notes

    For 37-Reed Sheng, Pipa, Zheng, Clarinet, Trombone, Violin, Cello and Percussion.
    “Wolkenzug” means “movements of clouds”. While observing those movements of clouds, one of the most fascinating phenomenon is to see how the clouds “change”: the change of shapes, texture, velocity, color…etc. The transformation of the contour, and as well as the sense of time and spatial shifts between those changes, are always very attractive to me. Compose a piece that combines the timbre, concepts and musical syntax from Western and Chinese instruments opens up all possibilities to the ideas and inspirations of music. The process is diverse, variable and unconstrained – full of “changes” and surprises. The philosophy and thoughts between “change/variety” and “consistency” inspired me and became the main topic that I want to express in this composition.