Programme Notes

    This music is inspired by the changing nature sounds at dawn in my home of Australia.
    At first, the instrumental music is abstract, melding with nature recordings of night birds and crickets before dawn. Then a melody slowly emerges and takes shape alongside a soft dawn chorus of Honeyeaters. The music grows into a heartfelt melody that symbolizes oneness with nature. This is heard alongside the melodic songs of Grey Shrikethrush and the Butcherbird.
    This feeling of oneness with nature often seems to happen spontaneously. But in my experience, it starts with giving nature our full attention. Then our body settles down, our senses become heightened, and we begin to feel contentment and peace. I hope to create music that also gives this experience.
    The nature sounds you’ll hear were recorded at dawn in an Eucalypt forest in Victoria, Australia by Wild Ambience and are featured on the album ‘Dawn in Mallee Country’.