Programme Notes

    This piece of work is a 4-movements symphony commissioned by Suzhou Chinese Orchestra.

    1st mov. Spring Breeze
    Spring wind brushes mildly, spring water flows gently, through the latticed window, opens up that colorful flowers, died wells and dilapidated fences, recorded the fleeting time of intertwining reincarnation.

    2nd mov. Glistering Wood
    Babbling water, lively summer, vivid day view of white walls and black tiles, sometimes bustling and sometimes peaceful.

    3rd mov. Sweet Scented Osmanthus
    Fragrance of sweet osmanthus, distanced wind of autumn, stories of Spring and Autumn period, who is going to decipher them?

    4th mov. Snowy Ke Pavilion
    Silver osmanthus falls gently, jade-like snow accumulates fragrance, the curved route to the arcadia, garden surrounded by water by the pavilion, a poetic life detached from the hustle and bustle of reality, staying in a peaceful place for a long time, be enlightened about the truth of life.