Programme Notes

    Ancient Colour, for dizi, sheng, yangqin, pipa, zheng and erhu (2010)

    In Dec 2009, I visited the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto with my friend where l spent the whole afternoon. There is a spacious new gallery featuring traditional Asian art, which has a nice exhibition environment displaying Chinese, Japanese, Korean paintings and potteries. Admire approximately 2,500 exceptional objects spanning almost 7,000 years of Chinese history, ranging from beautifully painted Prehistoric ceramic jars to elaborate 18th-century AD furniture

    I have specific interest at the ancient Chinese pottery section from the Tang dynasty. The basic colors of Sancai are yellow, brown and green, Since Tang dynasty is the most powerful dynasty in China, and the economy creates colorful arts. It has 1300 years history; extract the character of Chinese painting and carving, decorated with powerful engravings. The idea of the composition is based on exploring various instrumental colors and contrasting textures. The flow of the music is a gradual build up of dynamics and music intensity.