Programme Notes

    This work was completed at the end of spring in 2010, and tuned by zheng as its main melody (the zheng's 21 strings are non-traditional pitches tuned by composer. Italian: scordatura.).The musical form is structured as Quasi Rondo form- ABACA. Each A section is formed and varied by its melody sound group. Section B and C are functioned as acoustics to extend their variances, which make both present their contrasts.

    “Ignition point” the words is directly translated by its Chinese title; it reveals a main creative concept of the whole work. By means of a conversion from each boiling point to the next flash point, “Ignition point” then serves as an extension to push music going forward. This concept is also a reminder of the composer from her deceased teacher on her way of songs creation; it seems to say that: Never forget the original intention of creation- begin from your “heart.”

    This work is in memory of Professor Lu-yan.