Wind Instruments

笛子 Dizi – bamboo flute:

Made from bamboo. The exact origin of this instrument is unknown.

The dizi sound is created from the vibration of a membrane at the blowing hole made from a thin shaving of the vascular bundle of the bamboo stem.

The dizi is often used to accompany traditional Chinese opera, including the ‘bang zi’ opera form of the Shan-xi province in northern China, and the traditional ‘kun qu’ tunes originating from Kunshan in the Jiang-su province.

笙 Sheng

Sheng is a very old woodwind instrument, whose sound is produced by the vibration of its free reeds.

This instrument has a very wide register, and due to its many pipes it can generate a very wide range of harmonies.

The sheng instrument can even be used to imitate convincingly the sound of a steam train.

嗩吶 Suona

The suona is a type of oboe with a double-reed mouthpiece, and is referred to as the ‘Guchui’ in Taiwanese.

It plays a very prominent role in the life of the Han people and is widely used in important ceremonies such as weddings and funerals.

It is particularly suited to the expression of happiness and joy.