Antti Auvinen


    芬兰作曲家 Antti Auvinen 是节奏和音色的探险家,在他的器乐作品中展现出对乐器音色、音色与演奏技巧的结合充满兴趣。他的管弦作品以充满动感和丰富色彩与节奏著称,在作品中经常能听到他藉由不同的乐器组成,或是运用日常生活物品以形塑出不同的音乐文化,并且将表达的方式扩展到电子音乐和视频方面。
    Auvinen 的作品已广泛于欧洲和美国、中国、日本、澳洲等地演出,他经常与致力于新艺术音乐的艺术家、室内乐团和音乐节合作,受到众多管弦乐团和音乐节的委约。目前他正在为赫尔辛基爱乐创作新的作品,以及为大提琴家 Anssi Karttunen 创作视频作品。多项作品曾在德国、法国和美国等地获奖,他为歌唱家、室内乐团和录像所作的歌剧《Bliss》于2016年获得芬兰著名的 Teosto Prize 奖。
    Antti Auvinen 曾于阿姆斯特丹音乐学院、阿姆斯特丹艺术学院和芬兰赫尔辛基的西贝流士音乐学院学习作曲。
    Auvinen的作品受 KONE 基金会赞助。

    Finnish composer Antti Auvinen is an explorer of rhythm and timbre. In his compositions for acoustic instruments he has always been interested in instrumental timbres, combinations of timbres and instrumental techniques. HIs orchestral works have been hailed as dynamic and rich in color and rhythm. Different instruments form different musical cultures are often heard in his compositions as well as different every-day-life objects. He has also expanded his expressive toolkit in the direction of electronic music and video.
    Auvinen’s music has been performed in widely in Europe and in the United States, China, Japan and Australia. He collaborates frequently with many artists, ensembles and festivals that specialize in new art music. He has received commissions form various orchestras and festival. Currently he is composing a new work work Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra and video installation for cellist Anssi Karttunen. Auvinen has been awarded prizes in a number of compositions for example in Germany, France and the United States. His opera Bliss for singers, ensemble and video was awarded the prestigious Teosto Prize in 2016.
    Antti Auvinen studied composition in the Conservatorium van Amsterdam and in the Amsterdam School of the Arts and in Sibelius Academy in Helsinki Finland.
    Auvinen’s work is supported by the Kone Foundation.

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