Domagog Ivanoic

Domagog Ivanoic


Domagog Ivanovic 自2003至2006年担任迈阿密交响乐团副首席,于迈阿密大学取得小提琴演奏音乐艺术博士学位后,2007年移居加拿大,开始与温哥华的顶尖乐团合作,如温哥华交响乐团,转捩点乐团和 West Coast Chamber Music 乐团。现为温哥华歌剧乐团团员、温哥华跨文化管弦乐团首席。他自七岁于克罗埃西亚首都 Zagreb 学习小提琴。在学习期间,他曾在全国和国际性小提琴比赛中多次获奖,包括最重要的全国小提琴比赛和室内乐比赛皆荣获首奖。 Ivanovic 曾与 Zagreb 爱乐管弦乐团演出西贝流士小提琴协奏曲、与迈阿密交响乐团演出贝多芬 F 大调浪漫曲和韦瓦第作品四季的《冬》。被报章乐评称其演奏「具有清晰的技术和高敏锐度」,曾于克罗埃西亚、斯洛维尼亚、义大利、奥地利、法国、西班牙、匈牙利、加拿大和美国等地演出。

Domagog Ivanovic moved to Canada in 2007, after graduating with a Doctor of Musical Arts degree in Violin Performance at the University of Miami, where he served as an Assistant Concertmaster for the Miami Symphony Orchestra (2003-2006). In the past few years, he has performed with some of the top ensembles in Vancouver, such as the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, Turning Point Ensemble, and West Coast Chamber Music. Currently he is a member of the Vancouver Opera Orchestra, and concertmaster of Vancouver Intercultural Orchestra. Originally from Zagreb, Croatia, he began studying violin at the age of seven. During his studies he was the recipient of numerous prizes and awards in violin competitions at the national and international level, the most important being First Prize in the National Violin competition and First Prize in the National Chamber Music competition. Mr. Ivanovic appeared as a soloist with the Zagreb Philharmonic orchestra, performing the Sibelius Violin Concerto and with the Miami Symphony orchestra, performing Beethoven’s Romanze in F major and Vivaldi’s Winter. Described as a player with “clear technique and great sensitivity” by El Nuevo Herald, he has performed in Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Austria, France, Spain, Hungary, Canada, and the United States.

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