John Oliver

John Oliver


于旧金山音乐学院、英属哥伦比亚大学和加拿大魁北克麦基尔大学接受音乐教育。创作类型多元,从管弦乐、室内乐到跨文化作品、电声音乐和歌剧都广受赞誉。早期创作曾获义大利卢梭罗电音大赛观众奖、第八届加拿大广播公司全国青年作曲家首奖;近期作品《Forging Utopia》于2013年获西加拿大音乐奖年度最佳古典作品。曾在加拿大歌剧公司、温哥华歌剧院、晨间系列音乐会、温哥华室内音乐节、温莎加拿大音乐节和温哥华 Sonic Boom 音乐节担任驻团作曲家。于2004年受邀开始为国乐器创作跨文化作品。

Combining familiar musical materials and techniques with new inventions, Oliver aims for a visceral yet intelligent music that engages the audience’s perception of sound and culture.

John Oliver’s “wonderfully, creative music” (Fanfare) displays “a delicate yet often complex sense of beauty” (Musicworks). Winner of the Classical Composition of the Year Award at the 2013 Western Canadian Music Awards for his orchestral composition Forging Utopia, he has received high praise for the breadth of his creative output, from orchestral and chamber music, to intercultural works, electroacoustic music, and opera. Throughout the diversity of his work, one hears the passion for music that engages and challenges a wide audience of music lovers.

John Oliver came to international attention early in his career when he won six composition prizes for five compositions ranging from chamber to orchestral to electroacoustic music, including the Grand Prize at the 8th CBC National Young Composers’ Competition for his live electroacoustic work El Reposo del Fuego. Commissions and performances flowed from the likes of the Canadian Opera Company, National Arts Centre Orchestra, Vancouver Symphony, CBC, Vancouver New Music, St. Lawrence String Quartet, Turning Point Ensemble, New Music Concerts, and the SMCQ (Montréal), among others. Two solo releases in 2012 celebrate the breadth of Oliver’s music: Time is Dust, a DVD-audio disc of Oliver’s immersive electroacoustic music, and the CD Forging Utopia: Orchestral Music by John Oliver.

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