Mary Sokol Brown

    Mary Sokol Brown


    Mary Sokol Brown 是位活跃的演奏家及教师,她在温哥华交响乐团第一小提琴声部肩负重要职位,并曾多次担任乐团的独奏者。于室内乐演奏方面,她与众多温哥华知名室内乐团合作演出,包括 Vetta 独奏会系列、Music in the Morning 晨间音乐会、转捩点乐团和 Trio Accord 三重奏。她的演出屡次于 CBC 电台获播出。
    Mary 在 BC 省举办的室内乐发展研讨会担任领导职务,广泛地与年轻音乐家、业余演奏者或社区乐团合作。她也经常在音乐节上表演和授课,包括温哥华艺术节、Courtenay 国际青年音乐节、Bellingham 国际音乐节、Marrowstone 音乐节和 Midsummer Musical Retreat 成人音乐营。

    Mary Sokol Brown is active as both a performer and teacher, she holds a prominent position in the first violins of the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra and has been featured as a soloist with the orchestra several times. As a chamber musician, she performs extensively with many of Vancouver's well-known ensembles including the Vetta Recital Series, Music in the Morning, the Turning Point Ensemble, and Trio Accord. Her performances been featured numerous times on CBC Radio.
    Mary has played a leading role in the development of chamber music seminars in British Columbia, traveling extensively to work with young musicians, adult amateurs and community-based ensembles. She regularly performs and teaches at music festivals including Festival Vancouver, Courtenay International Youth Festival, Bellingham International Festival, Marrowstone Music Festival, and the Midsummer Musical Retreat.

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