Sam Mikulewicz


美国人,出生于美国蒙大拿州比灵斯,于北德州大学主修音乐作曲,着迷于音乐和绘画。毕业后,计画日本教授英语同时继续作曲,并探索亚洲音乐风格和传统。 Sam 的长期目标是创作电影和动画音乐,并持续为音乐节、作曲比赛等进行创作。

Sam Mikulewicz was born in Billings, Montana, in the U.S. He is 22 years of age and currently attending his final semester in the Undergraduate Degree at The University of North Texas. Majoring in Music Composition. he has been a U.S. resident his whole life and has always been fascinated with music and drawing. After graduate, Sam plans to teach English in Japan for a year while continuing to compose music and explore Asian musical styles and traditions. Sam’s long term goal is to compose music for film and animation, and also continue to compose for festivals, competitions, etc. His music has been performed by the Sound of Dragon Ensemble at the Sound of Dragon Music Festival in Vancouver, the Ding Yi Chinese Chamber Music Festival in Singapore, and multiple venues in China. In Taiwan, the Little Giant Chinese Chamber Orchestra performed his work at Taiwan’s prestigious National Concert Hall.

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